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 Opening hours:
April - June
Saturdays and Sundays only 
  • first flight show 12:00
  • second flight show 14:00
July - August
Daily except for Mondays
  • first flight show 12:00
  • second flight show 14:00
  • third flight show  16:30
September - October
Saturdays and Sundays only 
  • first flight show 12:00
  • second flight show 14:00

 Entrance fee:
Zayferus Company has an unusual system of payment: you pay when leaving the show (so the visitors can see, what they are contributing to). When you arrive after the show began, or you leave earlier, you pay less. If you are not satisfied with the show – you pay nothing. For 15 years, it has been working like this: when visitors leave in the first 30 minutes of the show, they pay 35, - Kč. If you like the show and stay until the end, you contribute 70, - Kč. Children up to 6 years are free of charge.
The profit is put in preservation of beasts of prey.
On a park-site, a group of similar name is operating with intent to direct visitors to an imitation show, and saying that there is no production in Lednice park. Find more about ecological organization Zayferus on: www.zayferus.cz.

Birds of prey

The birdœ of prey flight shows have nothing in common with mediaeval shows. These shows in Lednice are unique; some of birds fly quite freely, circling hundreds of meters high and then swooping for their prey. It can be seen hardly anywhere in Czech Republic.

In Lednice park these shows have their tradition. Eagle owls, eagles, falcons, hawks and many other birds have been performing here for several years. The park is vast so it is an incredible place to perform these birds, the most beautiful locality in Europe, maybe in the whole world. No antenna posts, fences, electric masts – only hundred years old oak trees, green grass, blue sky, white clouds and romantic morning mist.

From spacious dedans, you can cheer for birds of prey, swooping on authentic dummy copies of animals. When you are afraid of big eagle owl, smile at little pygmy owl, weighing not over five decagrams. Visitors can take photographs, even be photographed close to the birds. Questioning is required, but be aware! If you are shy, do not volunteer. Onlookers are included in shows.

Birds of prey

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