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 I. boat line: The castle-the Minaret
2 km, 25 min. (for one direction)

Children up to 3 years of age for free
Children up to 15 years of age: 60, - Kč
Adults: 120, - Kč
Disabled person: 50% reductions in price
 II. boat line: The Minaret-Janohrad
4 km, 45 min. (for one direction)

Children up to 3 years of age for free
Children up to 12 years of age: 70, - Kč
Adults: 140, - Kč
Disabled person: 50% reductions in price
address: 1. PLAVEBNÍ s.r.o.
21. Dubna 3, 691 44 Lednice
phone number: +420 603 516 358
e-mail: info@1plavebni.cz

Boat cruises

The park is delightsome and vast. So in this case, getting from A to B can take more time than you are used to, and if you are not accustomed to a transposition on foot, than it takes some effort too. But: if the A is Lednice castle and the B a minaret or Janův hrádek (or subsequently both), there is a tempting alternative at hand!

Plavba na loďkách

The park is crisscrossed by river Dyje. Men transformed it according to their visions and so nowadays there is an aqueous system suitable for boating. You can get nicely from the castle to the minaret, from where the boats continue to the artificial romantic ruins of Janův hrádek. The best way is to use the boat one-way and return on foot (especially when you take the track the castle – the minaret, which is shorter by half).

Plavba na loďkách

Thousands of visitors have accepted the invitation to romantic cruise trough former Lichtenstein masterdom. Regular cruises take place from April to the end of October (since 2006, even at winter weekends, if the weather is favourable), in two ship –ways. The shorter one offers you remarkable views of the park and it leads from the marina under the castle to the Minaret. The longer way goes from the Minaret, trough a meander of old Dyje and well-preserved flood-plain forest to the romantic artificial ruin, Janův hrádek.

More active tourists  can combine a cruise with a bicycle trip, to visit more landmarks and natural beauties of Lednicko-Valtický area, even enjoy it all from a saddle. On the other hand, you can simply walk and walk....

Birds of prey

Boat cruises

Carriage rides
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Hotel My Hotel
Price from: 39.0 € person/night
Hotel Garni 1.PLAVEBNÍ
Price from: 33.8 € person/night
Penzion Zámeček La Veneria
Price from: 24.5 € person/night
Hotel Apollon
Price from: 28.0 € person/night

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