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 Carriage ride:
  Driving routes:
1. line: The castle (turbine)-The minaret
2. line: The Minaret- The castle (turbine)
3. line: Hippoclub-Janohrad
4. line: The castle-Janohrad (via a park)
May-August, Tuesdays-Sundays
 Every half an hour
 April, September, October
 Every half an hour
 -the first and the last carriage departures if there is enough visitor taking the ride
-one ride takes about 30 minutes
-the capacity of each carriage is 10-15 men
Line 1 and 2: adults 100, - K, children 50, - K
Line 3 and 4: one carriage 2000, - K per hour

Sightseeing for tours and special campagins:
The Castle-The Minaret and back: 1 carriage/1 500, - K/1 ride
The Castle-Janohrad: 1 carriage/2 000, - K/1 ride
 Horse riding:
Horse ride:
300,- K/60 min

Basic riding training: 
300 K/45 min

A ride on pony, with parents attendance:
100 K/15 min,
160 K/30min,
250 K/45 min,
300 K/60 min,
One circle ride/ 15, - K

adress: HIPPOCLUB LEDNICE s r.o.
ul. 21. dubna 4, 691 44
phone number:
+420 736 625 745,
+420 519 340 477
+420 519 340 885

Carriage ride

Lednice looks like cut out from children’s pop-up books. The best way to view its beauties is (as the saying goes) from the horseback. Nothing can compare to a ride on a horseback, or in a carriage.

You do not have to dream only of carriages, driving trough Lednice park. You actually can take a ride in one of them, just like Lichtenstein did. The first line goes from the castle to the Minaret, and the carriage rides it every half an hour in the main season, except for Mondays. Another possibility is to set off for Janohrad, an artificial romantic ruin.

If this does not satisfy your adventurous temperament, than forget the carriage rides and see everything from a horseback. Hippoclub Lednice, along with carriage rides, provides renting saddle horses. If you are not familiar with all the “gee-hups” and “woes”, they will gladly teach you. Small children can go around on gentle ponies.

Birds of prey

Boat cruises

Carriage rides
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