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How Lichtensteins came to their name?

Once upon a time, there lived a poor hard-working miner. He led a humble and simple life, worked hard from dawn until dusk, never complained. One day a nymph appeared in a tunnel, pointed at a place on a rock wall and said: “Dig here.”  The miner did not protest and did what he was told. After a long time and a hard work, his effort was rewarded. He found a huge black cavern and inside it a fantastic diamond. He took the stone and, because he was an honest man, went to the property owner. The nobleman was moved by miner’s honesty, so he gave him the diamond back, and presented a little crop of his own to the miner. The miner lived well, married a good woman, who he had many healthy and strong children with, and their children had children and so on. The family took the name Lichtensteins in memory of the shiny precious stone ( from German licht-light and stein-stone).

Most likely, it happened differently, but...who knows :-)
How Lichtestein got the money to build such a magnificent area?

It is hard to believe that such an honest and right-minded man as the ancestor of Lichtenstein got the money to build a mansion as Lednice and Valtice are. No mention of other objects in the area, ponds, beautiful gardens and parks. Lichtensteins got rich by buying cheap possessions of noblemen, who were executed after the battle on Bílá hora. At first Lichtensteins were in military services and afterwards, at the beginning of Renaissance they started to run a business.

Easy come, easy go. The House of Sirotci (former owners of not only Lednice, but Valtice, Mikulov,Klentnice and more others as well) serve as an example. But not Lichtensteins. They had very sophisticated system, by which means family property could not crumble away.

It worked for 800 years. Lichtensteins renovated Lednice, Valtice, they built an amazing area-and then they had to hand it all over to Bolsheviks. Even though they did not cooperate with Germans in World War II.

Why there is no memorial oak tree of Czech-Soviet union anymore?

This story is an evidence proving, that not only Lichtenstein thought Communists regime was oppressive and cruel.

In 1960, there were an oak and a lime tree planted in Lednice park, as a symbol of Czech-Soviet union. When, in 1968, Russian delegation came and wanted to admire it, they were greatly disappointed. The night before someone had cut down the oak tree, hid it and disposed of it. Police, KGB, STB, Czech and Russian army searched the skilled woodcutter but he was never found.
Will hunting ever return to Lednice park again?

With high probability No. Keen hunters have practically no chance in this aspect. Tourists do not have to miss the hunting. They can ride a horse in the park and there is an opulent banquet thrown in Janohrad from time to time.

Má jméno Lednice něco společného s mrazničkou?

It might surprise you, but YES. Most of the Lednice park lies in a pit, so an inversion happens there. The warm air ascend, the cold air stays in the valley, like in a fridge. The place is colder than anywhere else around is.

By the way:  a settlement Lednice already existed in 1000 A.D., but it was called Izgruobi. From about 12th century, it changed name for German-Eisgrub and then in 1945, got its current name.

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