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 Opening hours:
April and October:
Saturdays and Sundays only 9:00-16:15
Every day except Mondays 9:00-16:15
(Lunch break 12:00-13:00)
 Entrance fee:

Adults: 50, - Kč
Family: 130,- Kč
Children, students and pensioners: 30, - Kč

Janův hrad
Zámek 1
691 44
Lednice na Moravě

tel., fax: 519 355 134

Janohrad  (Johnś castle)

If Lednice appears to be too gorgeous to leave it the same day you have arrived, than stay longer and set out on a trip to Janův hrad. It is a romantic ruin, designed by Joseph Hardmuth The very same J. Hardmuth that built the Minaret. It is about four kilometres far from Lednice castle. If you do not want to go on foot, you can sail on a boat or take a ride in a carriage.

At the turn of the 18th and 19th century Romanticism gave the lead, so no wonder every other man of property longed for his own “ruins”. Lichtenstein had got one and moreover- their artificial ruin of an old castle wasn’t a mere decoration. The object was functional, served as a hunting lodge.  In time of hunting hunter’s feasts and rich banquets were thrown and the princely gamekeepers used to live there. Nowadays (not only) young couples come to say their “yes” to each other.

The building of the Janohrad is situated on a sub-soil, with a large presence of underground waters. That was the reason why a prince turned down a large-scale plan of the stronghold and made it built the way we can see it today: four corner towers, a ruin-look-alike circuit masonry, the first floor gallery, the actual building of the stronghold.

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