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Michaela "Mysha" Košťálová

A young traveller, journalist and photographer. She is an external redactor of a family magazine Srdce since 2004, works for Online Travel Solutions company and cooperates with another press and digital medias, mostly occupied by tourism and travelling. She has visited Egypt, Kenya, Tunisia, Iran, Turkey, Brazil and almost all European countries. Her photographs and articles (not only) from her journeys can be found on http://www.myshaweb.cz.


Petr Václavek

A web designer, redactor and amateur photograph. He has studied the Charles University, mathematical physical college, Informatics. He writes articles, critiques for Software magazine, he is an author of a specialized publication about JavaScript. His photographs are not single-sided; they record architecture, nature, people and animals. More information and photographs on http://petr.vaclavek.com.

Pavel Kratochvíl

An amateur photographer since 2001. He is specialized in taking photographs of nature: animals and plants, mainly macro. His life motto is well known saying: “Smile and the world smiles with you”. His photographs from close and afar can be found on www.pkfoto.cz.

Petr Fabian

A graduate of mathematical physical college of the Charles University, a research worker. In addition to technical texts, he is an author of mini-guides to castles and their ruins in Czech Republic (http://hrady.hyperlink.cz) and also several books of poetry. More information and photographs on http://www.sweb.cz/petrfabian.

Online Travel Solutins company also thanks to MUDr. Oto Riebel,CSc, for his photographs of Lednicko-Valtický Area.You can find more beautiful pictures and interesting texts on www.valtice.cz.

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Thanks to Shocart company for providing us with cartographical materials.

Also thanks to CzechTourism company for photographs.

Special thanks belong to Lednice castle administration and to workers of information centres in Valtice and Lednice.

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